Workshop: Results - enjamekany worikshopeke
Arian Abubaker no title
Azar Othman Kurdish belts - pshteny kurdi
Bahar Kamagar With Kurdish Colors
Jadgar Abubaker Three Kurdish Colors
Narmen Mustafa The Colors of Politcical Parties in Kurdistan 1992-2009
Reben Majid Color in Kurdish Songs
Rostam Aziz Newspaper Colors in Sylemania
Roshna Rasool Speaking Sculptures in Sylemania - Nahtakany silêmany qsa akan
Rozhgar Mahmood Color Control - controlkrdny reng
Saed Esmail The Colors of the City
Sakar A.Sleman Blue: The Evil Eye
Shabang Rahman no title
Schameran Mohamad Fatih At the Bazar: Kurdish Clothing for Men and Women
Sherko Abbas under construction
Sherwan Fatih A Statistic of the Color of Houses in Sylemania
Zana Rasul The Blue Man
Exhibition of all results at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sylemania (16. November 2009)